Our company is doing the footwear production from 1999. We are specialized in the women’s and youth footwear production. In our offer you will find the wide range of the fashionably designed footwear, distinguished by diverse colors.

The footwear produced by us is made from the highest quality of the shoe leather. We are selling in the area of the whole country, as well as on the European market.

As our addressee are women, our company has own original design always corresponding to the newest fashion trends. We make any effort to provide our customers with the comfort and the highest quality of the footwear produced by us.

Our offer is systematically developing, successively we introduce new, exceptional designs of our products. As a footwear producer we are directing our offer to the wholesale companies and shops network, in exchange we offer the high quality and competitive prices. We are open for the proposals and suggestions of our clients concerning the produced assortment.
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